a digital diary for equestrians

Equus Note App is an online journal for your iPhone that keeps track of your equestrian experiences and helps you achieve your goals.

Collect the moments that matter

Archive your memories

Take concise notes on the specifics of each day's ride, the condition of your horse, problems encountered and personal recollections about daily events.

Set training goals

Write down goals for your horses training and keep track of accomplishments on a daily basis.

Horse Management

Easily organize all of your horses records. In-app notifications keep you on top of your horses health regime, feeding schedule, and shoeing appointments.

Palm of your hand

Take Equus Journal on your phone and have all your data right where you need it. Add information in real-time, as you ride.

A digital diary for equestrians by equestrians

Equus Journal is a diary app designed to record your equestrian activities, daily events, appointments, experiences, thoughts, inspirations and ideas throughout the day and sync data across all your Apple devices.  

Download now and start your equestrian digital diary today. 

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