Do you jump your horse?

As much as we’d like to think our horses would jump the moon for us because they love us so much, every once in awhile they get sour. Most often, this is due to rider error. It could be excessive repetition, overworking, or discomfort when jumping.

Not all jump schooling needs to be a warm-up, jumps, jumps, jumps, and cooldown. How boring!
How could a horse not resent his job if it always looked like this?

In between courses, or even just between fences, make your horse think about what you’re asking him to do. If he’s getting worked up, circle.

A common mistake many riders make is to lean forward too much and throw everything out the front. Instead, you need to sit up until the last minute.

You want a little bit of contact at the take-off point, pushing your horse between your hand and leg.

For a young horse other exercises to improve your jumping include simple lateral movements such as leg-yield, shoulder-in, quarters-in, and half-pass.

For a more experienced horse, additional movements such as turn on the forehand are also great for building strength.

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