Keep track of your horses health

There’s an app for that too!

Keeping a diary helps reveal any worrying patterns, provides clues for health concerns, and keeps training or wellness programs on track.

True story. Keeping track of your horse’s health can save his life!

When we designed Equus Note, it was to help horse owners (like you) keep track of training progress and horse health records.

As one of the early users of the app, I began by making entries of my horse’s health and fitness the week the app was first developed.

These posts are not the most exciting pieces of literature, but their existence did help reveal the cause of a worrying pattern in one of my horses.

Memories are not always accurate, mine especially not, which is why I used the app to write down any positive responses or adverse reactions to medicines, feeding regimes, and worming programs.

Last year my horse had an adverse reaction to a worming product which caused him to develop gastric ulcers. And this year he colicked right over New Years Eve!

It coincided with a change of feeding and a move to a new stable.

But looking over my diary entries from the year before, I realized the symptoms were identical to when he had taken the treatment that had given him gastric ulcers.

Sure enough, when I asked around, I was told that the stable manager had dosed all of the horses with the very same brand of worming paste.

The horse was scoped and positively diagnosed with ulcers (which had caused the colic).

The diary entry on Equus Note helped me identify what had happened, and that horse is now happily on medication and is improving daily.