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Top tips for a great ride

Horses are wired to run from danger, not stay and fight. Because of this ingrained tendency, horses prefer to immediately get away from something they find frightening or uncertain.

riding a young horse

If you are riding a young or inexperienced horse out on the trail, here are a few tips to make the experience a little easier on you both.

Pre-flight checks can be lifesaving with a fresh or young horse. When you are working him on the ground pay attention to his mood. If he is ignoring you and is rushing about, or having explosive bucking fits – it is probably not the right time to take him out.

Don’t rush. Take your time to introduce a horse to a new situation – rushing or bullying a young horse will only set your training backward. Let your riding friends know that your horse is inexperienced so that you don’t feel pushed into rushing him.

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If your horse is spooking, make sure to use his energy by flexing his head and moving his shoulders towards and then away from an unfamiliar object.
By taking control of the horses’ movement, you can give him the confidence they need to get past the scary event.

It is a great idea to ride with an experienced horse that will lead the way for your less experienced mount.

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