Equus Note – the digital diary for equestrians

Do you keep a journal? I do.

And it’s for much more than just documenting what goes on in my head daily.  I journal because of my horse.

Writing wasn’t always a daily habit for me, and most of my diary entries are in bits and pieces. What is great – is the fact I jotted down the moments that did matter – little milestones that occurred in my horses training, competition successes or riding lessons that seemed inconsequential at the time, but played a significant role in shaping my riding and horses current level of training.

After several years of keeping a diary— regularly, though not daily — my stance on keeping daily informative notes on my horses, is that quantity begets quality.
Which is why I find Equus Note to be so fantastic.

It’s an app designed for equestrians that effortlessly accommodates both extremes of journaling. From the long-form introspective stuff about a trail ride through the hills, to the super-short update about a great lunge session, or weight change in my horse.

As time passes, the clarity with which we can remember and recall certain events slowly diminishes — conversations with a trainer or vet, milestones, special moments, experiences, facts, emotions, and more. Even for the most vivid of memories we hold, we’ll often forget the context in which they happened, other events that happened around the same time, and even when that memory took place.
We might remember our horse loaded badly – but not connect it with the fact that that the day before he also seemed unwell in the box. We might note that he is losing weight, but not connect this to the change of hay your barn manager made a month earlier.

You can learn things about yourself and how your riding is improving too. How perhaps, after a lesson with a trainer – your horse started reacting better to your contact, or how after you changed your demeanor, your horse was calmer on trails. You can take photos and videos of your horse working with you or other riders, to understand why he head tosses with one person, and not another?

Capturing both the big and small events of our equestrian lives in a digital diary can be done in a few short minutes here and there. And the return on that small undertaking can be incalculable. As time passes, you can look back and remember what the first time your young horse was backed (and how he reacted to the saddle), what the feeling was the day of your first dressage competition, what happened the week after he fell on a cross-country course, that awesome trail rider you went on with friends, the immense joy you felt when your mare had a foal, and more.

Not only does the diary serve the purpose of reminding you what happened, but it reminds you who you are and where youve been. It is an instrumental tool in the journey of an equestrian maturing in skill, thoughts, opinions, and management.

The advantages of an equestrian digital diary are many.

To name just a few:

•  Always Nearby:
Chances are, as you read this, your iPhone is within arm’s reach, and that’s assuming you’re not reading this on your iPhone. Which means — thanks to the Equus Note iPhone app — you can create a new entry any time you have a free moment. Creating a new entry in Equus Note is just as easy as sending a Facebook message.

• Always Backed Up:
Because your entries are backed up to the cloud and stored locally on each of your devices (iPad, iPhone, Mac), it means your diary entries are safe.

• Easy to Search:
Equus Notes diary entries can be tagged for easy access to important dates and important information – that means you can find those pictures for your vet or farrier when you need them most.

• A Place for Everything:
Keep your feeding program, vaccination schedule and training updates all in the same place. On your phone.

In an ever-expanding digital world, is there one spot to keep and archive the little moments and the big? Yes there is!

This app can serve as an ideal holding place for photographs, quotes, feed regimes, ideas, inspiration, vet and farrier notes, and more.
Instead of having our most important moments dispersed across Facebook, Instagram, Email, and a box in your cupboard.

Why not have a single, central storage location for everything? (Not that you would put every social media update into your Equus Note, but you could put the ones that mean the most to you).

These are just a few of the advantages of a digital diary in general, and more specially, the advantages of using an equestrian app like Equus Note.

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